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14 April 2007
New Headlines on Rescue Muni's Blog
Please see our new blogging platform for the latest updates. Soon we will archive this page and replace it entirely with the blog system.
12 April 2007
More T-Third Problems; We Want Your Comments
Today's Chronicle has a detailed article on T-Third delays and how they are affecting commuters. Are delays affecting you? Post your comments on Rescue Muni's new blog (in testing now).
10 April 2007
T for Trouble?
The T-Third line (live google map) is now in revenue service, but even after months of testing there are some kinks to be worked out. Have you had trouble with this line or is it an improvement on the old 15-Third bus? Also, are you running into delays on the rest of the light rail system? What should be done to move vehicles through the 4th and King intersection? Comment on our Yahoo Group.
21 March 2007
Newsom: City Commissioners Should Ride Muni
Mayor Newsom this week urged the MTA to rescind free parking privileges for city commissioners in the Civic Center Garage and instead give them free Muni passes (usable all month). This is consistent with San Francisco's Transit First Policy. Rescue Muni applauds this idea and urges the city to go beyond this and offer all city employees transit benefits instead of free parking.
15 March 2007
All Trolley Coaches and Streetcars Now On Nextbus
On Muni's Nextbus webpage you can now see all trolley coach (electric bus) lines as well as all light rail vehicles. Thanks to Muni for getting this done! Cable cars and motorcoach lines are still to come.
10 March 2007
Free Muni?
Lots of discussion this week over a suggestion by Mayor Newsom to stop charging fares on Muni: Chronicle, Chronicle again, Examiner, SFist. Any elimination of fares would require Muni to find over $100 million a year in new revenue. (Mayor Brown and then director Emilio Cruz discussed the idea back in 1996.)
6 March 2007
Proposed New Rescue Muni Bylaws
At our previous meeting we reviewed proposed new Bylaws for Rescue Muni. If you have comments please send us email. We will vote on approval at a General Meeting with SF Transit Effectiveness Project staff to be scheduled in March.
5 February 2007
General Meeting with Muni Director Nat Ford February 13 (Tuesday)
Our next Generqal Meeting will be on Tuesday, February 13 at 7 pm, at SPUR (312 Sutter at Grant, 5th floor). Our guest speaker will be Municipal Transportation Agency executive director Nathaniel Ford - come with your tough questions about Muni operations and service planning! Also we will review proposed new Bylaws for Rescue Muni. Refreshments will be served.
14 January 2007
Take the T
The Muni Metro's new Third Street line is up and running on weekends, every 20 minutes from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Rides are free if you board at one of the new stations from 4th & King south. Get more information here.
14 January 2007
More Money, Fewer Problems
Preliminary results of the 1-California pilot program are in. Read more about it in the Examiner.
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