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These are archived headlines from the RESCUE MUNI home page for 2005.
26 December 2005
2005 Muni Riders' Survey Results
Muni Riders' Survey results are now available. Muni's on time performance worsened for the first time since 1998, to 14.9% of riders delayed.
14.9% of riders delayed
26 December 2005
Fall/Winter 2005 Transfer
Our December 2005 newsletter (pdf) is online, with 2005 Muni Riders' Survey results as well as updates on Geary BRT and Rail planning.
18 November 2005
New MTA Director: Nat Ford?
The Chronicle and Examiner reported today that the MTA is considering Nat Ford, director of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), for director of transportation. (Another article about Ford. More details as we hear more.
9 November 2005
Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Anti-Reform Proposition D
Voters rejected Proposition D on Tuesday by almost two to one. (Read about it in the Chronicle (Examiner, Dept. of Elections) Thank you for everyone who helped us fight this misguided initiative.
7 November 2005
Vote NO On Proposition D November 8
Rescue Muni urges you to reject Proposition D, a measure put on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors to grab power over Muni, this Election Day. Rescue Muni strongly opposes it and is joined by Mayor Gavin Newsom, the Democratic and Republican Parties, SPUR, Plan C, the Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club, the City Democratic Club, the Chronicle and Examiner, and many others in opposition. Muni reform is working - don't let the Supervisors undo it!
7 November 2005
Jose Cisneros for Treasurer
Rescue Muni urges you to support Jose Cisneros for Treasurer. Jose was an excellent director for Muni capital planning before being appointed to the Treasurer's office, and remains a strong advocate for Muni, focused on finding increased revenue for Muni as well as the rest of City government. Our members voted overwhelmingly to endorse him.
24 July 2005
Meet Key S.F. Transportation Planner July 26th
You're invited to meet one of the city's newest and most important transportation planners. Rescue Muni, along with our sustainable transportation allies SF Bike Coalition, Transportation for a Livable City, and Walk SF, are hosting a meet-and-greet reception for Bill Lieberman, the Municipal Transportation Agency's new Director of Planning. Mr. Lieberman oversees planning for all modes, including bicycling, walking, and transit. Join us Tuesday, July 26th between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm at the SF Bike Coalition office, 995 Market St., Ste. 1550, at the corner of Sixth St. (Muni Metro to Powell or Civic Center, or take any of the many lines on Market.)
19 July 2005
Rescue Muni Vows to Fight Supes' Muni Power Grab:
"We Won't Turn Back the Clock"
Today, the Supervisors approved the proposed charter amendment to grab back power over the Municipal Transportation Agency, over Rescue Muni's vehement objections.

Rescue Muni will fight this measure! Join us or renew now to get involved.

Older headlines on this issue have been moved to the 2005 archive. See also the Save Muni Reform page for background.
8 June 2005
Fourth Street Alignment Adopted for New Central Subway
Rescue Muni's hard work has paid off in the planning department. Yesterday the MTA Board formally adopted the Fourth Street alignment for the Central Subway, as urged by Rescue Muni in last fall's newsletter. Special thanks to Rescue Muni's Service Expansion Committee for their vision and advocacy on this issue!
7 June 2005
MTA Director Burns To Join Reverse Commuters To Silicon Valley
It seems that the jobs really are in the South Bay. MTA Executive Director Michael Burns has announced that he will leave Muni to become the General Manager of the the Valley Transportation Authority in Santa Clara. (Previous coverage: Chronicle, Mercury News (use bugmenot to read), VTA Board Agenda.) Rescue Muni thanks Mr. Burns for his service (we will host a goodbye reception before he leaves) and hopes to be involved in the search for a new Executive Director.
7 June 2005
Congestion Charging in SF - Update
Mayor Ken Livingstone came to SF for World Environment Day and discussed the successful London congestion charging program with SF policymakers. Rescue Muni strongly supports this proposal.
1 June 2005
MTA Budget, Parking Fees and Fines Before Supervisors June 2
The Board of Supervisors Finance Committee considers the Municipal Transportation Agency budget and proposed parking fees and fines Thursday in committee. Rescue Muni does not recommend rejection of the budget, but we continue to strongly urge the Board to reverse its earlier vote and pass the higher parking fees and fines initially proposed by Muni. This would bring $4.4 million in additional revenue to the Municipal Railway and prevent deferred maintenance that causes service delays and safety hazards.

Update: The committee did not follow our suggestion, preferring cheaper driving over better Muni maintenance. Thanks again to the Supervisors who supported higher fees and fines.

25 May 2005
Supervisors Put Parking Violators Ahead Of Muni Riders -
Rescue Muni Thanks Supervisor Mirkarimi For His Leadership
At the Tuesday, May 24th meeting of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi moved to approve the full parking fine and meter rate increases in the original MTA budget, as supported by Rescue Muni. His motions were defeated, but Rescue Muni applauds his efforts to prioritize Muni riders over parking scofflaws. (The board voted to approve the committee's giveback of over $4 million to auto drivers in the form of lower fees and fines.)

Rescue Muni appreciates the support of Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Chris Daly, who voted for both of Mirkarimi's motions. We're also grateful to Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, who supported his effort to restore the full parking meter rate increase, and Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin, who supported an effort to raise parking fines above the level proposed by the Budget Committee, but below the level proposed by the MTA Board.

Note that Rescue Muni was not involved in the disruptive protest during the hearing. Although we agree with those speakers who supported the higher parking fines, that's not how we advocate for our cause.

23 May 2005
Call Your Supervisor - Pass Parking Fees & Fines and Avoid Service Cuts!
On Tuesday, May 24, the Board of Supervisors considers proposed increases to parking fees and fines. (See agenda - parking fees and fines are detailed in pdf files.) Rescue Muni opposes this specific proposal (see press release) because it is significantly reduced from the fees and fines in the 2006 budget passed by the MTA board. We urge the Supervisors to reject the committee's proposal and pass the proposed parking fee and fine increases as proposed initially by the MTA. We don't think it makes sense to give back surplus funds to auto drivers when Muni service and maintenance are still being cut.

Action Needed! Contact your Supervisor and urge the board to pass the fees and fines as initially proposed by the MTA. Your call will prevent service cuts!

23 May 2005
Spring 2005 Newsletter Available
If you're a paid member, you'll get it in the mail; if you're in a hurry or aren't a member (you should be!), you can download and print it out (pdf). This issue contains detailed discussions of the MTA budget, Central Subway, Geary Rail, Golden Gate Park, and more.
17 May 2005
Our Presentation on Rail-Ready Geary BRT
We made a detailed presentation on our proposal for a "rail-ready" bus rapid transit, followed by light rail, for the Geary corridor at SPUR on May 12. Download the slides, or see our detailed proposal.
9 May 2005
2005 Muni Riders' Survey - Submit Your Data!
Thanks to all who partipated in the 2005 Muni Riders' Survey. Please submit your data now. Also, if you observed vehicles going by a fixed point, please download the Observation Form (Excel) and email the results to the Survey Team.

Remember, submitting online saves us a lot of time! If you have internet access (and you do, if you're reading this) please submit your data online rather than mailing in your paper form.

Not familiar with the survey? Read 2004 Muni Riders' Survey results to see what it's all about.

9 May 2005
Geary CAC Needs You
Are you interested in Bus Rapid Transit service on Geary? The SF County Transportation Authority and Muni are seeking an alternate for the Geary Citizens' Advisory Committee. Particularly if you live on the Geary corridor, you should apply. Details at the SFCTA website.

Rescue Muni urges the Geary CAC, the SFCTA, and Muni to support a rail-ready design for this critical corridor.

17 July 2005
Save Muni Reform - Anti-Muni Amendments At Board Tuesday
The Board of Supervisors considers two amendments to undo Muni reform today. Call your Supervisor and urge a NO vote!
See our letter to supervisors urging a no vote on the proposed Ammiano and Sandoval amendments to un-reform Muni. These are the wrong amendments at the wrong time.
7 July 2005
Save Muni Reform - Anti-Muni Amendments At Rules Committee Today
The Rules Committee considers the two amendments to undo Muni reform today. Come and urge a NO vote!
Update The committee voted to approve the Ammiano amendment 2-1 (Peskin and Mirkarimi yes, Alioto-Pier no). It passed on the Sandoval amendment withotu recommendation.
23 June 2005
Save Muni Reform - Rules Committee Continued To Friday
The Board of Supervisors Rules Committee continued discussion of the Ammiano anti-reform amendment until Friday at 1 pm. Come and speak in opposition to this amendment, or call Rules Committee members Peskin, Alioto-Pier, and Mirkarimi, and urge a NO vote! See our Save Muni Reform page and our letter to the Board for details.
21 June 2005
Save Muni Reform - Your Help Needed Now!
The Board of Supervisors is considering two proposed charter amendments Thursday, June 23 at the Rules Committee that would gut Muni reform, putting Muni back under the control of the Board of Supervisors. Rescue Muni opposes these proposed amendments, because we think they will make service substantially worse for riders. Your action is needed NOW to urge the committee to reject them! Call your Supervisor, and also call Rules Committee members Peskin, Alioto-Pier, and Mirkarimi, and urge a NO vote on the Ammiano and Sandoval amendments to undo critical parts of Proposition E. (See our Save Muni Reform page, and our letter to the Board for details.)
17 May 2005
2006 Budget Update
We have an update to our analysis of the FY 2006 budget for the MTA. Rescue Muni opposes the recent proposal from Muni and the Board of Supervisors Finance Committee to reduce parking fees and fines - this will lead to more service cuts and deferred maintenance than is necessary! We urge the Supervisors to pass the proposed fees and fines as initially proposed, allowing the MTA to use all of the increased General Fund subsidy to reduce deferred maintenance and service cuts.
10 May 2005
General Meeting Thursday, May 12
Come to our General Membership Meeting on Thursday, May 12 at 6 pm at SPUR (312 Sutter, Fifth Floor) to discuss Muni's budget crisis and long-term revenue opportunities with Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi (District 5) and Kate Breen, Director of State and Federal Legislative Affairs for Muni. Refreshments will be served - see you there!
10 May 2005
Recommendations on the 2005-06 MTA Budget
We now have a letter to the MTA Board and Supervisors urging approval of the proposed parking fees and fines, service changes to speed up service and run Muni more efficiently, and more. Write your Supervisor and urge approval of the parking fees and fines - otherwise the service cuts will be much, much worse than proposed (e.g. no Owl or neighborhood service, drastically cut weekend service).
9 May 2005
Credit Cards Now Accepted for Memberships and Renewals
Rescue Muni now accepts credit cards for membership dues via Click and Pledge. Save time - join or renew online!
21 April 2005
Rescue Muni's recommendations on Geary Bus Rapid Transit
Our recommendations for rail-ready bus rapid transit on Geary are now available. These are also in the January newsletter (pdf).
18 April 2005
Muni Proposing Service Cuts At Tuesday's MTA Board Hearing
Muni is presenting a detailed proposal for service cuts at the MTA Board meeting on Tuesday, April 19. Rescue Muni will have a detailed recommendation at that time. See Friday's Chronicle for more details.

If you don't want these service cuts to get worse, contact your Supervisor and tell him/her to support proposed increases in parking fees and fines. If the proposed fees and fines are not approved, much deeper cuts will occur!

6 April 2005
Rescue Muni Supports Restoring Vehicle Fee To Fund Transit, City Services
Rescue Muni supports Assemblymember Leno's AB799, which would allow counties to restore the 2% vehicle license fee. The additional revenue would go to San Francisco's General Fund, and a portion would go to Muni as part of the dedicated subsidy in the Municipal Transportation Fund. Read our letter of support (pdf) here.
10 March 2005
Rescuing Muni's Finances
Rescue Muni chair Andrew Sullivan has an op-ed column in today's Chronicle discussing ways to improve Muni's financial position, including vehicle fees, parking and sales taxes, and congestion charging. MTA Executive Director Michael Burns also comments.
30 March 2005
Geary Corridor Workshops
The SF County Transportation Authority is holding workshops on the proposed Geary Corridor Bus Rapid Transit project on April 13, 14, and 16. (See SFCTA flyer (pdf) for details on the workshops.) Please attend and comment!

Rescue Muni strongly urges the SFCTA to adopt a rail-ready design, as discussed in this letter to the MTC (pdf) and our most recent newsletter (pdf).

28 February 2005
SPUR's Letter to Muni on the Budget
In addition to our recommendations for the Muni budget (pdf), we are also hosting SPUR's letter (pdf) to the MTA on the subject.
16 February 2005
General Meeting Today
Come to our General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, February 16, at 6 pm at SPUR, 312 Sutter at Grant (fourth floor), to discuss Muni's proposed fare increase, fee increases, and service cuts. MTA Deputy Executive Director Stuart Sunshine will present budget proposals in detail. Come with your comments and suggestions. Refreshments will be served.
16 February 2005
Matt Smith: Higher Parking Fees Needed
SF Weekly columnist Matt Smith explains why Muni's proposal to raise parking fees to fund transit doesn't go far enough. Also, PUNI has an angle on the budget crisis.
15 February 2005
How to set up NextBus on your cell phone
Do you have an Internet-enabled mobile phone? Here's how to set up NextBus so you can access real-time information on lines 22, F, J, K, L, M, and N.

We hope to have a briefing from NextBus at our next General Meeting.

15 February 2005
Congestion Charging in San Francisco?
Supervisor Jake McGoldrick has proposed a congestion charging zone for downtown San Francisco to help pay for Muni and reduce traffic. This has been a big success in London, where traffic and bus delays have been substantially reduced since congestion charging was introduced. Should San Francisco charge to drive downtown? Email us with your comments!

The Examiner supports the idea. Note that it would require a change in state law.

15 February 2005
MTA Hearing Today - Support Higher Parking Fees and Fines to fund Muni
The Municipal Transportation Agency Board meets today at 4 pm (City Hall, room 400) to discuss various issues, including the budget crisis and proposed fare and fee increases. Rescue Muni supports higher parking and garage fees, as well as higher parking fines, to help close the budget gap. In particular, we urge the MTA to increase the street cleaning and expired meter fines by at least $10 - it shouldn't cost more to ride Muni legally than to park illegally. See our letter to the MTA board and staff on the subject.
2 February 2005
New Web Design
We hope you like it! If you're nostalgic for the old days, the old index will be kept up for a while.
2 February 2005
Rescue Muni's Letter and Comments on the Budget
We submitted a letter to the MTA Board urging the MTA to maximize parking revenue to balance the Muni's budget. See also our recent TRANSFER article about this issue.

Rescue Muni members spoke at the MTA board hearing on February 1, recommending higher parking fees and fines to fund Muni. The Chronicle and Examiner have coverage.

28 January 2005
Muni Proposes Budget with Fare Increase, Service Cuts, Parking Fee Increases
Today's Chronicle discusses Muni's FY 2005 and 2006 budget deficits ($15 million in FY 2005, $55 million in FY 2006) and proposals to address these by raising fares and parking fees, and also cutting service. Proposed fare and parking fee/fine increases are also on the agenda of the next meeting of the Municipal Transportation Agency board on Tuesday, February 1, at 4 pm.

Rescue Muni recommends that parking fees, parking fines, residential permit fees, and garage rates be raised to the revenue-maximizing level as part of any budget proposal. If you have comments, please attend the February 1 meeting, and also let us know what you think. We will also hold a General Meeting on February 16 to discuss these issues in detail.

28 January 2005
January Newsletter Available
Our January TRANSFER, with a detailed discussion on the proposed Rail-Ready Bus Rapid Transit on Geary, and also details on the budget crisis, is now available. (pdf)
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