SFMTA’s on-time rate has rounding error

May 18th, 2012

Under city law, Muni is  considered on-time if a bus or train is no more than one minute early or four minutes late. Due to rounding, any time after the minute is rounded down, so a bus or train could be measured as being 4 minutes and 59 seconds late, but still be considered “on-time”. Based on research from the Bay Citizen, the actual Q4 2011 on-time rate was 61.4%, not 71%.

#Hastag express, 83X, coming this June

May 14th, 2012

The proposed 83X line will provide limited stop, rush hour service to 4th and King, Division and Townsend, and 9th and Market. The SFMTA estimates the the new line will cost $300k a year, with a ridership of 400k.

All door boarding soon; 10 more fare inspectors

April 30th, 2012

The board of supervisors will vote before July 1 to approve all door boarding on Muni’s buses. Riders will have to tag Clipper when boarding the rear of the bus,  provide proof of payment, or suffer a $100 citation. As part of the plan, 10 more fare inspectors will be hired, costing the agency $700k. The upside is big, however, since all door boarding could boost service speed by 1 mph, a savings of $76m a year.

Sup. Wiener: Muni can’t afford free youth rides

April 9th, 2012

In SFGate’ open forum, SF Supervisor Scott Wiener says that Muni simply can’t afford to shell out $8M for free rides for all youth’s when the SFMTA doesn’t even have the funding to provide essential operations and maintenance. Supervisor Wiener says that  Muni needs to focus on having a more reliable system first, and that “Every time the system melts down because a switch fails, a vehicle door won’t close, stairs won’t rise, or a derailment occurs, you can be assured that the problem results from Muni not having the funds to maintain its infrastructure properly.”

SFMTA to vote on sharing on time records

April 3rd, 2012

Today the SFMTA board will vote on being more open about route on time information. The quarterly reports will also include revised goals involving customer service, maintenance, and other objectives. Currently, the public can view a daily run report on the SFMTA site.